FULL TIME street cleaning, litter picking, dog mess removal, chatting, minor repairs, friendly home visits & keeping an eye out.

Making our village a better place for everyone…

Clare has the full support of Durham Constabulary

call CLARE on 07922 184490

Who pays? Is it really FREE?

…Yes, free for Grange Villa - paid by LINGsCARS.com. Ling Valentine at Pelton Grange Farm faced a thief and thought: "Wah! ENOUGH!" She's supported by County Durham Police, working with Steve Larter our brilliant PCSO, also by our local Councillors & MP, plus our other great Council services.

What does Clare do?

…Clare is here FULL TIME to clean our village, help residents, give advice about services, help anyone with stuff, keep her eyes open, chat, laugh, drink tea, to be an extra trusted person in the village and be someone you can rely on.

So, please say "Hello" to Clare!

…Give her a wave anytime, ring her, or flag her down in her noisy little JCB "HELP TRUCK".